Valentine's Week

There is a fun Valentine's giveaway today over at marta writes, go check it out and enter to win!

ps. stay tuned for more clocks on the way . . .




Holly is hosting a giveaway today over at Life in the Fun Lane, go check it out and enter!



I have been into Anthropologie several times this month gathering holiday gifts and I can't get over how cute their gift packaging is! Each gift you pick up comes with a darling little box and this felt topper. It doesn't look like it would be too complicated to make on your own. A little felt, twill tape, and some scissors. I will be having craft dreams tonight.


I love these clocks, I think I want a set of 12 of these in my china cabinet. Check out the shop this week, I have added and will be adding a flock of new clocks!


New Clocks in the Shop

FYI: I will be listing a new batch of clocks near the end of the week, the last big push for all of you holiday shoppers!


DIY: Pressed Flower Print

I have had tons of questions about the origin of this print in several of my photos so I thought I would post a DIY. I made it a couple of years ago with some violas I had planted in the garden. I planted them in the fall and then had them blooming until spring when I picked them, although you should be able to purchase them now to use for your print. When I was head of the plant and floral department we grew hundreds of thousands of violas and pansies (which can work too, they just have a larger flower head) for winter planting, they are one of my favorites!

step 1. Find several viola plants in the color you are looking for. Pick all the flower heads. You can still pot up the plant and it will continue to produce new flowers. Most garden centers should carry violas and pansies this time of year.

step 2. Press your flowers in a flower press or heavy book, making sure each flower is completely flat. Wait several weeks until your flowers are completely dry. Carefully remove each flower from the paper.

step 3. Arrange your flowers on a sheet of heavy pound cardstock cut to fit your frame. I just kind of threw mine down and then made sure each one was face up. Don't be afraid of white space, it can really enhance your composition.

step 4. Mount your flowers on your cardstock. I used thinned tacky glue and a brush to paste the bottom and tops of each petal so they would stay in place.

That should do it. Send me a picture of your pressed flower prints, I would love to see them!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is looking forward to this week as much as I am! I can't wait for all the fun, family, and food! And on top of all that we are moving to California for the winter! I am anxious for some (somewhat) warmer weather.

I lieu of the holiday I'm listing one of my favorite clocks. So sweet and simple. Hope you like it.

ps if you look closely you can see one of my favorite pictures from our wedding and a cute little pic of our son when he was a sweet little baby.


just listed


There have been tons of questions and requests about this lamp. It's gorgeous huh! I picked it up a Homegoods. I can't find any info from the manufacturer on it, but it is glass. I will be sure to share if I know where to get more. Good luck shopping!

Shop Announcement

Thanks for all the praise and sweet notes! I do have one more Lucien clock and one more Thomas Paul Aviary clock that are in the works. I have some finish work to do on them this weekend and then I will be posting them Monday morning at 10 am mountain time.

I will also be listing some new styles that I have not posted about yet next week, so be sure to check back.

Please email me if you have any specific requests. I would love to help out!



Thanks for all the requests, more aviary clocks in the shop today. Check back in soon.

Birthday Baby!

I can't believe my little girl is one! Happy Birthday Sweetie!


New Clocks in the Shop: La Belle

These are the last of my roses for the year, I'm actually surprised they lasted this long! . . . I love this picture of central park covered in snow, John gave it to me on our honeymoon while we were in the city. . . good memories.



The shop is now up and live!

I've been busy busy working on styling, photos, and packaging. I have been looking at clocks so much these past few months they have been showing up in my dreams!

Drop by the shop and see what I've been up to and you may even start dreaming of clocks too!

ps, those pillows make me want to snuggle up and watch a movie . . . and sneak in a pillow fight.


I am loving the texture on this one


I am actually thinking about redoing my house around this clock. I am loving yellow and turquoise together, so bright and cheery.


I love that this plate was hand made in africa by local tribeswomen, instant story and charm.

I have always wanted an exposed brick wall in my home. I grew up with one in my parents house but have yet to check it off my list. Getting this shot included some funny moments with confused onlookers, awkward juggling and a surprise from an unexpected visitor. My camera battery died after only a few shots but it made for a fun adventure!


I love well cared for pieces of china, they have so much history and are so unique. I can never pass one up when I come across a good find.